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Hillary’s Social Media Agitprop Generator Still Appears to Be Floundering

I spent the last five minutes looking for recent news sources on Verrit – four minutes more than I spent looking at Verrit itself. In case you don’t remember, and I don’t know how you could forget, Verrit is a project started by Clinton worm Peter Daou in order to justify his life.

Right now, Verrit stands at 60,000 Twitter followers, less than half of what Daou himself has, though we can be sure that Cruella had something to do with both. An informal, half-assed glance at Verrit’s Twitter page also reveals that about one out of every five responses to its tweets are trolls. The sites that have covered it thus far are mostly tech blogs, but no one has had anything nice to say about it. Daou himself has not helped matters any, as can be seen by…well…

No Peter, we’re laughing at you.

Seriously though, what is it about the Clintons that causes people like Daou to glom onto them until they are sniveling, crawling, dried up shells of former human beings? It’s like some evil magician crossed Renfield with Gollum and took away the intelligence, independence and dignity. Look at Huma Abedin – she shot out Carlos Danger’s kid, and now she’s hanging out with Mrs. Harvey Weinstein, and Hillary won’t let her die! And Peter Daou, well, he’s trapped in a basement in Chappaqua, chained to a PC with a 286 processor and a 28k modem, with a bottle of cyanide glued to one hand and a copy of What Happened glued to the other. If you stare into his cold, vacant eyes long enough you can almost hear the screams, his head bobbing in Morse Code spelling out, “Blue dress…Blue dress…”

Don’t get me wrong. They deserve it.