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Aging Hippie Beshits Self, Passes Out

For all the talk of Trump being something akin to a dictator, people seem to ignore the fact that California’s governor is the state’s answer to Kim Il Sung:

“We are building a coalition that covers about 30 percent of the GDP of the world and well more than a billion people,” [Jerry Brown] said. “So, we are taking action in California. We are linking up with other similar-minded people all over the world. And we are pushing forward, even as Trump blusters, he cannot command the tides to not come in.”

“Climate change is occurring. Global warming is occurring. California is beginning to burn up. The political will is not strong enough but it’s moving in the right direction,” he said.

Read the link if you’ve ever wondered whether or not this whole thing is about creating some kind of global government. That kind of thing will never happen of course, but a lot of people will die as a result of this noble vision. That Moonbeam should be part of the spearhead will come as no surprise.

Long after Jerry Brown leaves this realm, his festering corpse will remain in office in Sacramento, propped up by felons, illegal immigrants and other natural Democrat constituencies. 

California will eventually secede, and Jerry Brown will be named President for Eternity. Hordes of stupid children will salute a statue of him at the corner of Hollywood and Highland, before visiting such lesser shrines as those to Saint Don’t Call Me Bruce Jenner and Harvey Weinstein. By that point, of course, California will be a puppet state of China, after the Chinese throw out the Mexican government.

If we could wave a wand and do away with the cultural achievements of the Baby Boomers, such as Ira Einhorn Day and the global warming suicide cult, I could probably live without The Beatles.

Our Unserious Leaders

The English Defence League (Credit: KeystoneUSA)

English Defence League protest
(Credit: KeystoneUSA)

Last week, the three branches of the United States government each made grand gestures to appease fanatics, fringe groups and small minorities. The Supreme Court took up gay marriage and the Senate passed its version of Immigration Reform, while President Obama, never one to be upstaged, took his publicly funded jet to Africa and babbled about Global Warming, the greatest phony crisis of the last one hundred years. Any of those things could have waited a few years, but Obama and Congress have narrow constituencies to please, and apparently the entire Supreme Court has been on mushrooms for the last few years.

Meanwhile, in England, Home Secretary Theresa May has banned conservative American bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the country, on the pretext that the two taking part in a demonstration would inflame tensions between Muslims and the English Defence League, who invited Geller and Spencer. The EDL has been in the news lately for protests in the wake of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby by Islamic Extremists in London.

So how are these seemingly different things the subject of one blog post? The beauty of a personal blog is that I can post unfinished thoughts, and that’s kind of what this post is. I’m just going to put it out on the page and see if it makes sense.

Just as our government knows full well that immigration, gay marriage etc. are nowhere near as important as the economy and jobs, Theresa May knows that Geller and Spencer pose nowhere near the threat to British society that Islamic extremists drawing welfare are. The thing is, the public in both nations know these things as well.


A bigger danger than Pamela Geller.

In refusing to allow Spencer and Geller to appear in England, May validated the belief held by the EDL (and the British National Party, and the people who were arrested for posting nasty messages on social media, and no doubt plenty of Brits who aren’t saying anything) that their government gives preference to a small vocal minority. Similarly, in the United States one might be forgiven for thinking that gay people, illegal immigrants and nutty environmentalists are more important to the government than people who are out of work and don’t want to be.

Groups like the EDL and carnival barkers like Alex Jones gain in popularity when people are told repeatedly to believe obvious bullshit, because if the crazies have one thing right, it’s that the people should not trust their government. The problem of course is that the people probably also shouldn’t trust Alex Jones or Tommy Robinson.

Any thoughts?