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Schumer Wants to Cede Congressional Authority to the President

The Banana Republic File just got a little thicker. I can’t figure out why on Earth Democrats in the Senate are willing to just hand their branch’s power to the Executive. Do they honestly think that this kind of thing could never be used against their interests?

Arguing that Tea Party groups have a financial advantage after the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, Schumer said the Obama administration should bypass Congress and institute new campaign finance rules through the IRS.

“It is clear that we will not pass anything legislatively as long as the House of Representatives is in Republican control, but there are many things that can be done administratively by the IRS and other government agencies—we must redouble those efforts immediately,” Schumer said.

It will be hilarious watching people like Schumer squeal when the next Republican president uses the exact tactics that Schumer is endorsing. Hey buddy, it was your idea to give the Executive Branch this kind of authority. You reap what you sow.


Obama Plans to Heal Pope Francis

Obama haloBehold, on this day of January 14 anno Domini 2014 it hath been announced that our Lord and Savior Barack H Obama will meet with that guy in the funny hat who lives in Italy. Quoth the holy oracle CNN,

Obama has cited the Pope’s inequality stance himself in an economic address in December.

“Across the developed world, inequality has increased,” Obama said. “Some of you may have seen just last week, the Pope himself spoke about this at eloquent length. ‘How can it be,’ he wrote, ‘that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?’”

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot rejoices at the fact that Pope Francis is the first Pope to be worthy of Barack Obama. Perhaps Obama’s healing power will convince the Pope of the error of his ways on gay marriage and abortion. Unfortunately, the stubborn people will probably continue in their murmuring. Quoth Allahpundit,

My hunch is that people’s views of redistribution are similar to their views of contraception: They may admire the Vatican’s position as nobly motivated but ultimately they have to protect themselves.

We live in wicked times.

34 Republican Congressmen Are Clearly Racists

RS McCain reports, but you have to come to Blackmailers Don’t Shoot to get the obvious interpretation.

A Republican congressman says it’s been nearly a month since he and 33 colleagues offered to meet with President Obama to discuss health care reform, and they still haven’t heard back from the White House.

“In the wake of Obamacare’s numerous failures, President Obama said that if Republicans had better health care reform ideas, they should say so,” Arkansas Rep. Tim Griffin said in a statement Wednesday. “That’s why 33 of my colleagues and I sent him a letter that included a list of nine proposals that would help build an open and innovative healthcare system, expand access, increase choice, and lower costs.”

Clearly if Tim Griffin thinks that he and his colleagues have better ideas than Barack Obama, it’s because he resents the first black president. To bring up Obamacare’s “failures” is obviously a dog whistle implying that a black man can’t succeed at anything.

I should have a gig on MSNBC.

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Obama Donor’s Nonprofit Gets Big Government Cash

Never let it be said that Barack Obama doesn’t reward his friends. Fifty years after Lyndon Johnson lost the War on Poverty, Obama is graciously handing taxpayer money to a rent-seeking L.A. nonprofit to turn the city’s worst neighborhoods into “Promise Zones.”

Money…would go to the L.A. Unified School District and the nonprofit Youth Policy Institute to increase the number of support services at schools. The institute has received $32 million to provide tutoring, mentoring, staff support, and after- and before-school care to 20 schools. [Emphasis added]

The Youth Policy Institute‘s Executive Director Dixon Slingerland has donated $743,713 to Barack Obama since 2007. Here’s a list of his political donations in the 2012 election cycle, which include payments to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton for President. The organization is funded by various government agencies, corporations and the creeps at La Raza.

While it’s doubtful that the targeted neighborhoods will see any long term improvements, in the land of Obama some people will never go hungry.

Pajama Boy Unchained

It’s official. It is now racist to criticize anything even tangentially related to Barack Obama. Some tool named Adam Serwer at MSNBC writes,

For [conservatives], Pajama Boy is yet another emblem of an increasingly non-white electorate, a young population that believes in a stronger welfare state,gender equality andLGBT rights. [Emphasis added]

Got that haters? It is racist to criticize this white guy who could have been created by black comedians writing up the most stereotypical whitey white Wonderbread college hipster imaginable.

Dude, Pajama Boy makes Joan Walsh look like Arthur Ashe.

Ben Shapiro looks at Pajama Boy and says, “Who’s the scrawny white dork?”

Pajama Boy was once punched in the face by his own latte.

Pajama boy once suffocated a plastic grocery bag.

But don’t worry; when people fall over laughing at the first argument, someone else will come along and say that making fun of Pajama Boy is actually anti-Semitic. Evi L. Bloggerlady provides the background and RS McCain handles the takedown:

Such a claim involves a lot intellectual gymnastics which might be better described as the psychological projections of a profoundly disturbed personality named Jay Michaelson[.]

Be sure to read EBL’s and McCain’s posts. I can’t say I’m surprised that it’s gotten this stupid, but I remain a disappointed optimist.

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Pajama Boy and the Politics of Image

Right now we’re all getting a kick out of clueless dork Ethan Krupp, aka Pajama Boy.

While Barack Obama and Organizing for Action certainly deserve a healthy dose of mockery for using this cocoa sipping beta male as an advertising model, dwelling on it too long is probably a mistake.

The Pajama Boy tweet isn’t meant to persuade young people to sign on to the Obamacare exchanges and pester their families at Christmas. It’s meant to persuade young people that Obama is cool because he understands Twitter, and so, by extension, are Democrats. It’s about image. Cool doesn’t make a disastrous policy work, but it sure as hell gets votes.

Barack Obama was elected twice with a major assist from low-information voters with short attention spans. Remember, these are the same people who get their political information from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. If Pajama Boy fails as an image one day, Organizing for Action will have another image the next day, and Pajama Boy will go down the low-information memory hole.

It doesn’t matter that this is meaningless.

It doesn’t matter that this is an obviously phony assertion.

The GOP doesn’t seem to understand that politics is no longer about reality. It’s about bold assertions that fit on graphics containing 140 characters or less.

Update: Rush Limbaugh thinks that Pajama Boy is the new Julia. Those of us on the right who make fun of this stuff are not seeing what the intended audience is seeing.

More on the Tarantino Presidency

MTV influenced the culture for over a decade before 1992, when candidate Bill Clinton made an appearance on the network and changed national politics. Clinton was arguably the first president elected by MTV. Facebook appeared in 2004 and Twitter appeared in 2006, and in a much shorter time span social media helped twice elect Barack Obama.

My first post on this was intended to dissect (and mock) Obama’s shallow and narcissistic presidency, but the reality is that political opinion is being driven by shallow and narcissistic forms of media. (I say this as someone with a blog.) New forms of media have changed the culture, and with it the nation’s politics.

The most telling image to come out of Nelson Mandela’s funeral wasn’t the President shaking hands with Raul Castro or taking a selfie with David Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, but rather something the White House sent out via Twitter.

Obama's Madela Funeral Tweet Everything happens within the context of Barack Obama. The significance of the handshake with Castro is that it’s a reminder that Obama thought that the combination of his greatness and a few nice words to our enemies would erase history, national interests and previous alliances. In other words, he is his own context that supersedes all of the contexts that came before him.

Which doesn’t work, obviously, and Obama’s policy record both here and abroad is proof of that. The problem is that we can make fun of this all we want, but Barack Obama was elected twice. Something that he’s doing is working, even if his presidency isn’t. Better ideas aren’t winning. Obamacare is here to stay barring something massive, the stimulus money is still gone and the United States is still being bullied by tin-pot dictators.

On MTV, Bill Clinton made an appeal to people who think stupid thoughts (“Boxers or briefs?”,) but Obama is successfully appealing to people who don’t think at all. These are the people who see great leadership in an infographic, and they vote. Should conservatives, without being nihilistic, attempt to swing some of these people?

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