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From the Comments at Talking Points Memo

Well, at least this liberal admits that abortion is unpleasant.



The Other McCain: Perhaps @TomKludt Could Explain Why Killing Babies Is Such a Good Thing

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Talking Points Memo: Erick Erickson Responds To Greta Van Susteren With Graphic Anti-Abortion Screed

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Update: Thanks to Robert Stacy McCain, Erick Erickson and everyone else who blasted this out on Twitter. Also linked in Wombat-socho’s Live at 5.

Early Afternoon Headlines – 1/28/2013

I’m having a slump. Here are some things you can read today instead of watching the State of the Union.


Kevin Williamson: Great Caesar’s Ghost – “On the nauseating spectacle that is the State of the Union address.”

Whether it’s Barack Obama or some subsequent pathological megalomaniac, Republican or Democrat, the increasingly ceremonial and quasi-religious aspect of the presidency is unseemly. It is profane. It is unbecoming of us as a people, and it has transformed the presidency into an office that can be truly attractive only to men who are unfit to hold it.

Ricochet: The Unceasing Political Thuggery of Obama’s Gangster Government

Noah Rothman: Andrea Mitchell: ‘Iran Was More or Less an American Ally’ Before Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’ Remark

The Other McCain: Because @EWErickson Is Right

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Culture and Stuff

American Power: Communist Folk Singer Pete Seeger Dies at 94

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Schumer Wants to Cede Congressional Authority to the President

The Banana Republic File just got a little thicker. I can’t figure out why on Earth Democrats in the Senate are willing to just hand their branch’s power to the Executive. Do they honestly think that this kind of thing could never be used against their interests?

Arguing that Tea Party groups have a financial advantage after the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, Schumer said the Obama administration should bypass Congress and institute new campaign finance rules through the IRS.

“It is clear that we will not pass anything legislatively as long as the House of Representatives is in Republican control, but there are many things that can be done administratively by the IRS and other government agencies—we must redouble those efforts immediately,” Schumer said.

It will be hilarious watching people like Schumer squeal when the next Republican president uses the exact tactics that Schumer is endorsing. Hey buddy, it was your idea to give the Executive Branch this kind of authority. You reap what you sow.

Meet the Obama Voter Running As a Republican in California

Geez. I stopped paying attention to political news in California for a few days and in swooped Neel Kashkari, the investment banker who helped run TARP under Bush and Obama, to announce that he’s running for governor. In difficult times, God, the universe, the Prime Mover or whatever calls upon great men to rise up and deliver this kind of rousing oratory.

“I’m running for governor of California to strengthen California families, so that every kid in California gets a good education, and to create a lot of good jobs,” the 40-year-old Republican told hundreds of people at a lunch at Cal State Sacramento.”That’s my platform, jobs and education. Jobs and education,” he said.


Here’s a dirty secret. I thought Republicans in Nevada were nuts for giving the primary to Sharron Angle in 2010, but now I’m starting to get it. I mean, why the hell not? On one hand we have a Tea Party guy, Tim Donnelly, who has virtually no chance of becoming governor, and on the other hand we have Kashkari, who supports abortion and gay marriage and voted for Obama in 2008. Who also, by the way, has virtually no chance of becoming governor. If I’m going to lose, I’d rather go out with a little dignity.

JSF at Valley of the Shadow has a post about the upcoming election and what we can learn from 2010.

The last Gubernatorial Election, we had a policy maker with no Political experience [Meg Whitman – ed.] win the Primary (repeated on a national level in 2012 with the same team!) against a candidate who worked within the Party Structure who built connections. The Party Guy lost and we all lost in 2010.

The idea of electing an actual conservative to statewide office might be tilting at a windmill, but the last moderate outsider we had in California was Schwarzenegger. That model probably isn’t going to repeat itself.
This is our current governor folks.

Jerry Brown with Jim Jones

The one on the left.

The state just might be beyond redemption for a few more generations. We need someone who is going to articulate a real alternative.

Complaints About Marcella Sills Go Back to 2005

Marcella SillsShe’s the gift that keeps on giving. Like herpes. The New York Post reported on Sunday that America’s Principal Marcella Sills began receiving complaints shortly after taking over PS 106 in Queens in 2005. Does any of this sound familiar?

Letters describe Sills as a tyrant and “rude lunatic administrator” who spurred an exodus of excellent teachers and failed to provide basic student supplies and services while handsomely furnishing her own office and squandering funds on catering and decorations.

Read the whole thing. School officials – including the recently promoted Chancellor Carmen Fariña – knew for years that this school was a shitshow, but it took this becoming a national story to even get them to acknowledge that something was amiss.

I’ll leave you with another quote from the article.

Sills, 48, was a graduate of the DOE’s “Leadership Academy,” which trains principals, and had little teaching experience. Insiders said she lacked literacy skills, noting her invitation to a Nov. 23, 2005, holiday buffet “in honor of my gradutitude” to employees, including “security personel” and “custodially staff members.”

Just remember:  We must never question why public schools are becoming more expensive while fewer kids know how to read.

Update: The Post has an interview with Shantazia Williams, an 11 year old student at PS 106. Here’s a description of the gym and art classes offered.

“It was so many movies, I can’t remember which day I watched what,” she said. “Sometimes I went to sleep or just sat there and played with my hair.

“One movie had curses and kissing in it. I asked the teacher if she could change it. She told me to sit down. She was just playing with her phone.”

Williams had to repeat the fifth grade, so perhaps Mom has a grudge. Of course it’s also possible that PS 106 is one of the reasons she’s not advancing.

Update: Wombat-socho drops a late but always welcome link.

Update II: Linked up by RS McCain. Apparently Instapundit wrote a book about this.

Some Marcella Sills and PS 106 Links

The Marcella Sills story is quieting down in the national news, so I figured I’d dump some interesting links regarding America’s Principal.

Norm’s Notes: The PS 106Q Saga – All the way back from 2008.

New York Daily News: Suit: School System Ignored Queens 2nd-Grader’s Torture – The story that initially caught my interest.

American Power: Warehousing Students at New York’s PS 106

Zero Hedge: A Rat-Infested “Shithole”

CBS New York: DOE Investigating Far Rockaway School Over Allegations Of Lavish Party, Lack Of Textbooks

The Blaze: Glenn Beck Outlines How America Can Start Fixing Its Failing Education System – Yeah, I know.

New York Post: No Books, No Clue At City’s Worst School – The Story that started this.

Click around and enjoy the train wreck.

Tim Donnelly Loves Guns and Has a Smokin’ Wife

He also claims to have big balls. Naturally, the creeps at Think Progress think that these are bad things.

At one point, the ad degenerates into a discussion of whether Donnelly’s wife or Alonso is more sexually attractive. Also, Donnelly wants voters to know that he’s very angry. And that he thinks McDonald’s restaurants in his state should pay $20 per hour because “we’re Californians.”

About the last part: Donnelly’s point is that there is such a high demand for labor in North Dakota that McDonalds is offering $15 an hour. There’s no demand for labor in California, so the legislature has to jack up the minimum wage to keep up appearances.

Californians have a choice. They’ll probably re-elect the doddering, incontinent Jerry Brown, but now that the sellout Abel Maldonado is out of the race no one can claim that they didn’t know better.

Here’s Donnelly’s website. Here’s the ad.

Link via Memeorandum.

Update: I’m an idiot. Donnelly is married to Rowena Donnelly. Oh well. The sentiment still stands.

Tim and Rowena Donnelly