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Top Ten Search Engine Terms for Today

I’m moving the blog over to, so if something funny happens in the next week or so I haven’t blown up the blog.

I’m unmotivated today. Here are the top ten searches today that brought people to Blackmailers Don’t Shoot.

10. kaley cuoco tongue porn pics – Is that you Goodstuff?

9. justin bieber 25000 bail

8. sex cosplay

7. ps 106 principal sills

6. lena dunham hot

5. tim donnelly wife

4. big bang theory kaley

3. kaley cuoco 2014 hot

2. kaley cuoco feet – Is that you Donald Douglas?

And the number one search term that brought people to Blackmailers Don’t Shoot, for 10 days straight, is…

1. marcella sills

Which is kind of anticlimactic, so here’s Kaley Cuoco, since people seem to like her.

Kaley Cuoco in a bikiniUpdate: Commencing Wombatalanche.


Quick Blog Maintenance

This Stupid Week is going to be moving to Saturday or Sunday. It seems better to have it at the end of the week than at the beginning. Here’s the Blackmailers Don’t Shoot victory song.