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RIP Goodstuff

Sad news: Allen Reinertsen, aka Goodstuff, has passed away. If some men march to the beat of their own drums, Goodstuff had a full percussion section. Say a prayer for his family; the man will be missed.


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Quick Blog Update

Ever have one of those days where God / the Universe / Flying Spaghetti Monster just doesn’t want you to accomplish any of the things that you wanted to do? Yeah, I hate today.

This Stupid Week will be back tomorrow. And if Queen Nation is ever in your town, go check them out. The Freddie Mercury impersonator is damn impressive.

This Stupid Week, Self-Promotion Edition

Welcome to the Monday evening linkfest at Blackmailers Don’t Shoot, brought to you by none other than yours truly.

President Obama’s lawyer and the White House chief of staff knew that the IRS was targeting Tea Party groups, but Obama didn’t know. (Hot Air)

White House flack feigns outrage when confronted with his boss’s ineptitude. (Doug Ross)

Rep. Mike Kelly and the conservative red meat video of the week. (The Political Hat)

Tea Party affiliated group targeted by four different federal agencies. (The Necropolitan Sentinel)

There really is a conspiracy theory that Stephen King murdered John Lennon. (Blackmailers Don’t Shoot)

For the nerds: the teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins

In spite of gun control and hate crime laws, a gay man is murdered in New York. (The Other McCain)

Advice for young conservatives. (Misfit Politics)

Houston Sheriff killed by drunk driver. Who happened to be a document-challenged immigrant. (UrbanGrounds)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still an idiot. (Lowering the Boom)

Flying witches arrested for violating airspace. (Weekly World News)

School chemistry experiment goes wrong.

Open letter to Speaker Boehner. (Ace of Spades HQ)

Two journalists speaking power to truth. (Valley of the Shadow)

Why the “I-word” is a bad idea – at least for now. (That Mr. G Guy)

Global Warming really is a cult. (SooperMexican)

News of the Weird for this week.

Dog sings along with its owner.

Update: Linked at The Necropolitan Sentinel. Thanks! Read everything else there.

Update 2: Thanks to Mike G for the mention on Twitter.

The Tragic Lessons of Charles Johnson

By tragic I mean hilarious, of course.

Apparently Charles Johnson never went away, because every once in a while Robert Stacy McCain will post about Johnson’s latest hallucinations.

Obama’s fawning fanboy Charles Johnson fancies himself an apostle of Scientific Truth (and imagines his antagonists are all ignorant bigots), but the relentless drip, drip, drip of scandalous facts the past few days have been quite hard on CJ’s self-image.

I’m not going to focus on Johnson’s latest inanities, but rather the two stark lessons that can be learned from the story of a man, who, at the height of his career was appearing on Fox News and is now locked away in a dungeon in L.A. with a computer and a bicycle.

So without further ado…

Lesson #1: You can’t politically convert twice and hold on to your credibility.

More than one come-to-Jesus moment that completely changes a person’s political outlook smacks of opportunism. Does anyone think that David Brock would ever get his old American Spectator column back if he re-converted? Even if he said he was really sorry? No one on either side would trust him at that point, and with good reason.

Charles Johnson was a liberal before September 11. He then started getting in spats with right wing bloggers around 2007, which just happens to be the time that the influence of right wing blogs had dropped dramatically. (Erick Erickson has a post that mentions the state of right wing blogs at the time.) By the time Johnson came out fully on the left, Barack Obama was at the height of his popularity and Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. It’s all rather convenient. Blogs on the left predictably quoted him as a bludgeon against the right, but it’s hard to believe that he’s anything but a bludgeon.

So think long and hard before burning your old associates after that initial conversion.

Lesson #2: If you want to be an unprincipled hack, make sure that you’re clever enough to explain yourself.

A person doesn’t have to be intelligent to be successful, but a person who isn’t very smart had better be principled. Markos Moulitsas writes at the same third grade level at which Johnson writes, but DailyKos has been much more successful than Little Green Balls. This isn’t because Markos is any smarter than Johnson; it’s because he’s consistent. Markos Moulitsas would be the same lock-step Democrat under any administration, ready to spout talking points and say “fuck” a lot.

On the other side of this, Bill  Clinton has nothing in the way of principles, and he gets away with it. Bill Clinton can sign Welfare Reform one year and then defend Barack Obama when he guts Welfare Reform. He gets away with it because he’s smart enough to think up some smarmy explanation as to why he completely reversed his position. Ideally, an intelligent person is also principled, but an intelligent person can be unprincipled and still be successful.

I hope that people will learn from the tragedy of Charles Johnson, because I’m considering turning it into a play starring a suicidal mime.

This Stupid Week – IRS Edition

Another Monday, another linkfest.

So, it looks like this whole IRS thing is worse than Lois Lerner admitted. (Hot Air)

Barack Obama takes a jobs trip to Texas. Ted Cruz mocks him. (UrbanGrounds)

Turns out that Joe Biden is the real Tyler Durden. (Weekly World News)

National Offend a Feminist Week comes to an end. (That Mr. G Guy) That doesn’t mean that you have to stop offending feminists.

Speaking of which, someone really managed to offend a feminist last week. (The Other McCain)

More pug tricks.

Oh, that whole flap with the IRS? Yeah, way worse than Lois Lerner admitted. (Ace)

People say that politics is like professional wrestling. Perhaps the GOP should act like it. (Bacon, Boobs and Beer)

Is the guy who made the stupid YouTube video a political prisoner? (Patterico)

Lefty Swarthmore activists have gone feral. (Instapundit)

Kermit Gosnell found guilty on three murder counts. (Breitbart)

This cartoon will get you kicked out of Swarthmore.

That stuff you’ve been hearing about the IRS? Don’t worry, they just targeted those evil teabaggers. (Lowering the Boom)

30 minute testimony from Gregory Hicks on Benghazi. (WarriorWoman91)

Blocked on Twitter by Debbie Wasserman Schultz. (SooperMexican)

Kermit Gosnell is not an aberration. (The Political Hat)

Broke university system still blowing tons of money on multicultural foolishness. (City Journal)

Scene from the underrated masterpiece PCU.

The Internet Is Awesome

A few weeks ago, Blackmailers Don’t Shoot caught a second-hand Instalanche, and I watched in awe as my traffic meter went insane. This afternoon, this humble site was linked in Rule 5 Sunday at The Other McCain for submitting this post. And today the referrals from Rule 5 Sunday, a bunch of links to sites with cheesecake photographs, totally eclipsed the traffic that that second-hand-o-lanche brought. I love the Internet.

Update: Linked at The Other McCain. Sweet.