Seriously, What Did You Think Was Going on at the Universities?

I saw this story the other day and thought that it wasn’t worth comment, but apparently it’s making traction in the blogosphere and I’m feeling lazy today, so here it is:

The “progressive stack” is a method to order speakers and participants by race and gender along a “social justice” hierarchy. Women “of color” come first, men “of color” next, then white women, and at the back of the line, white men.

The progressive stack is all over the news the last few days because a graduate student Teaching Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, Stephanie McKellop, bragged on Twitter about using the progressive stack in class, as we reported in U. Penn Teaching Assistant Calls on White Male Students Last, Because “Social Justice”:

Are we just looking for blogging fodder at this point? This kind of thinking has been around for a very long time, even if it didn’t have a name until a few years ago. Of course it’s moronic and self-defeating; that’s what they do at the universities.

Incidentally, I was wondering about something the other day. If universities have classes in, say, African American Literature, doesn’t that create a situation in which black authors are permanently relegated to a boutique status within the academy? There are students who silently take their diversity mandated class who strongly suspect that the authors picked for such a class are lauded for nothing other than the color of their skin. In turn, this harms the authors on the diversity list, because they are relegated to their own canon, which can only be compared negatively to the broader (read: white) canon.

It will not get better. The left can only out-left itself, and with Republicans controlling the government we are about to see a level of wackiness likely not seen since the late 1960s. They glimpsed the Promised Land with Obama, who began instituting every silly idea that grad students in Inrersectional Lesbian Studies wanted, only to have it all ripped away by Cheeto Hitler.

Oh well. It’s fun to laugh at them.