Reminder: Hollywood Pedophilia Is Nothing New

Sometimes Jezebel can be useful. Here’s a post from late 2011 about agent and pervert Martin Weiss, who was arrested after an 18 year old actor came forward and accused Weiss of molesting him when the actor was a minor. I won’t post the details, but read the list of movies and shows the Jezebel author mentions if you want to get just a little sick:

Weiss stopped managing the victim when he was 15, but he’s worked with many other children since he started his business in the mid-1990s. He’s placed children in roles on shows like iCarly, Criminal Minds, and Parenthood, and movies including Jack and Jill and The Muppets Movie. Several weeks ago the victim became more and more worried that Weiss had abused other children, particularly because he knew other boys had spent the night at his house. On November 15, the young man confronted Weiss at his apartment and taped their conversation. Police say in the recording Weiss admits he had sex with the victim, but says it wasn’t abuse. 

Being California, when Weiss eventually pleaded no contest, he was given a year in jail and sentenced to treatment, because every criminal nowadays is just a misunderstood victim. Especially if the criminal has money.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stomach the idea of consuming Hollywood entertainment. At this point I hope that the whole industry is destroyed. 

Related: I’m probably going to stop doing Rule 5 posts. I’m not being holier-than-thou, it’s just that after the last few days it doesn’t seem fun anymore. Years ago I knew a few people in the porn industry, and I thought that that business was uniquely creepy. Now it’s becoming clear that this is how entertainment as a whole has been operating for a long time.

Perhaps something decent will come from the ashes.