Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?

I’ve been commenting over at The Other McCain the last few days when it dawned on me: didn’t I used to have one of these blog thingies? 

Unfortunately a lot of my old posts are now lost to the belly of the old hosting company, but that doesn’t mean a man can’t still have a good time, right?

So…Harvey Weinstein, right?

Permit me to note, in regard to Weinstein’s defense that he “came of age in the 60’s and 70’s,” that he seems to have made a made a mistake common among high-profile sexual harassers, i.e., he stayed in the game too long. Back when Weinstein was a young man promoting rock concerts in the 1970s, yeah, “all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different.” There were basically no rules at all in the world of rock music back then, nor were there any such rules in Hollywood when Weinstein started making movies. But the main problem is that Harvey Weinstein kept chasing skirts when he was in his 40s and 50s, and even as recently as 2015, he was reportedly still at it.

Guys, don’t do this. At age 45 or 50, you may want to believe you’ve still got it, but you don’t. No matter how much success you had with the ladies when you were 20 or 25, you’re going to look ridiculous if you’re still trying to play the same game when you reach your 40s.

An interesting lesson here is that if a man as wealthy and powerful as Harvey Weinstein can’t get away with this kind of behavior – even with the Democrat media establishment at his back – you certainly will not either. That aside, there are few things more laughable than a wrinkly old guy in a wig and an earring chasing 20 year olds around. Don’t do it.

But hey, here’s Chef from the Suicide Girls. She’s cute and she cooks, but unfortunately for you, she’s also married. 

Me, I’m taken as well. All that running around is for the birds.