Early Afternoon Headlines – 1/28/2013

I’m having a slump. Here are some things you can read today instead of watching the State of the Union.


Kevin Williamson: Great Caesar’s Ghost – “On the nauseating spectacle that is the State of the Union address.”

Whether it’s Barack Obama or some subsequent pathological megalomaniac, Republican or Democrat, the increasingly ceremonial and quasi-religious aspect of the presidency is unseemly. It is profane. It is unbecoming of us as a people, and it has transformed the presidency into an office that can be truly attractive only to men who are unfit to hold it.

Ricochet: The Unceasing Political Thuggery of Obama’s Gangster Government

Noah Rothman: Andrea Mitchell: ‘Iran Was More or Less an American Ally’ Before Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’ Remark

The Other McCain: Because @EWErickson Is Right

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Culture and Stuff

American Power: Communist Folk Singer Pete Seeger Dies at 94

Regular Right Guy: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beatles!’

Edge of the Sandbox: A Long Overdue Fashion Post

Aewl’s Abode: Release the Bulls!

Sad Man’s Tongue: Pin Up Polly Smile – Rule 5




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