Complaints About Marcella Sills Go Back to 2005

Marcella SillsShe’s the gift that keeps on giving. Like herpes. The New York Post reported on Sunday that America’s Principal Marcella Sills began receiving complaints shortly after taking over PS 106 in Queens in 2005. Does any of this sound familiar?

Letters describe Sills as a tyrant and “rude lunatic administrator” who spurred an exodus of excellent teachers and failed to provide basic student supplies and services while handsomely furnishing her own office and squandering funds on catering and decorations.

Read the whole thing. School officials – including the recently promoted Chancellor Carmen Fariña – knew for years that this school was a shitshow, but it took this becoming a national story to even get them to acknowledge that something was amiss.

I’ll leave you with another quote from the article.

Sills, 48, was a graduate of the DOE’s “Leadership Academy,” which trains principals, and had little teaching experience. Insiders said she lacked literacy skills, noting her invitation to a Nov. 23, 2005, holiday buffet “in honor of my gradutitude” to employees, including “security personel” and “custodially staff members.”

Just remember:  We must never question why public schools are becoming more expensive while fewer kids know how to read.

Update: The Post has an interview with Shantazia Williams, an 11 year old student at PS 106. Here’s a description of the gym and art classes offered.

“It was so many movies, I can’t remember which day I watched what,” she said. “Sometimes I went to sleep or just sat there and played with my hair.

“One movie had curses and kissing in it. I asked the teacher if she could change it. She told me to sit down. She was just playing with her phone.”

Williams had to repeat the fifth grade, so perhaps Mom has a grudge. Of course it’s also possible that PS 106 is one of the reasons she’s not advancing.

Update: Wombat-socho drops a late but always welcome link.

Update II: Linked up by RS McCain. Apparently Instapundit wrote a book about this.



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