Rule 5 Friday with Alana Blanchard

Alana BlanchardHappy Friday everyone. Blackmailers Don’t Shoot has been drunk on search engine traffic and gin in the aftermath of the Marcella Sills story, so this post is a bit behind schedule. Today’s Rule 5 post is brought to you by surfer Alana Blanchard. The above image is from a slideshow at Outside Magazine which for some reason contains only two pictures of her actually surfing. Go figure.

TheChive has an extensive collection of Alana Blanchard pictures. Always a good destination for Rule 5 material.

Sports Illustrated has a slideshow of Alana Blanchard in the shower.

Heavy has another Alana Blanchard slideshow.

TMZ brings us Alana Blanchard’s Twitter Pics.

Bonus: Gamedayr has some of Alana Blanchard’s Instagram uploads.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Update: Linked at The Daley Gator and Proof Positive. Check out these two roundups.

Update II: Linked at The Pirate’s Cove. Another great weekend roundup.

Update III: We would like to thank our friendly neighborhood wombat.



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