Tim Donnelly Loves Guns and Has a Smokin’ Wife

He also claims to have big balls. Naturally, the creeps at Think Progress think that these are bad things.

At one point, the ad degenerates into a discussion of whether Donnelly’s wife or Alonso is more sexually attractive. Also, Donnelly wants voters to know that he’s very angry. And that he thinks McDonald’s restaurants in his state should pay $20 per hour because “we’re Californians.”

About the last part: Donnelly’s point is that there is such a high demand for labor in North Dakota that McDonalds is offering $15 an hour. There’s no demand for labor in California, so the legislature has to jack up the minimum wage to keep up appearances.

Californians have a choice. They’ll probably re-elect the doddering, incontinent Jerry Brown, but now that the sellout Abel Maldonado is out of the race no one can claim that they didn’t know better.

Here’s Donnelly’s website. Here’s the ad.

Link via Memeorandum.

Update: I’m an idiot. Donnelly is married to Rowena Donnelly. Oh well. The sentiment still stands.

Tim and Rowena Donnelly



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  3. Rich Vail

    Hey, 30-40 years ago, I imagine she was smokin’ hot…now, you just see the shadow of that beauty, but that doesn’t mean that once upon a time she wasn’t…

      • Chandler's Ghost

        In the 80s she was smokin’ hot. I think Donnelly is tongue-in-cheek partially because he doesn’t have much of a chance statewide. I like the guy though. It helps that he was arrested at an airport because he forgot he was carrying a loaded pistol.