HuffPo Desperately Pretends That Lena Dunham Is Hot

Lena Dunham VogueShe’s not unattractive. It’s just that this need on the part of media hipsters to turn Lena Dunham into a supermodel demands trolling. Really, Huffington Post?

The much-anticipated cover photo was released by Vogue on Thursday morning, highlighting the “Girls” creator in a gorgeous close-up shot. Snapped by photographer Annie Leibovitz, the image is soft and flattering but also as quirky as Dunham herself — no typical bedroom eyes or smoldering scowls here.

Outside of pudgy liberal Millennials living in Brooklyn, no one was waiting with baited breath for the moment that Lena Dunham appeared on the cover of Vogue. She’s a mirror for a generation of plain white narcissists living in a pretend world located somewhere in New York.

That’s a dissertation waiting to be written.




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  2. thatmrgguy

    Are you saying you’ve never had a “coyote date” before RG?

    And yes, I would think at least twice before “hitting” that. Of course, I’d have to be pretty desperate and have two broke hands IYKWIM.

      • Chandler's Ghost

        It’s really all about context. The girl isn’t total uggers (to use the medical term,) but on-the-cute-side-of-plain doesn’t work in the context of a sex symbol. Combine that with her bubbleheaded Obama shilling and it’s impossible not to make fun of her.