Donovan Richards Defends Marcella Sills and PS 106

A quick update. Far Rockaway, Queens Councilman Donovan Richards is claiming that the New York Post’s reports of the disaster at PS 106 are “fabricated.”

Richards, who praised schools chancellor Carmen Fariña’s response to the allegations in the story, said the school’s woes can largely be traced back to the damage wrought by Superstorm Sandy, which destroyed an early childhood education annex and much of the school’s materials, including textbooks and new technology, including new computers, bought before the storm.

Bad behavior often goes undetected until the aftermath of a crisis. The masterminds behind Ponzi schemes get caught during economic downturns, when investors flee the market. Likewise, no one notices that $2.9 million are being wasted until a storm hits and the money has been allocated to a dirty principal.



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  2. grace

    marcella sills is a lazy person whom gets paid 128,000 a year and for doing what letting our children suffer and parents paying for a lavish lifestyle which she thinks shes owed. when i first came accross this on yahoo i was in disbielf that new york has done nothing about this mortified situation and that its been allowed to go on for so long marcella sills needs not only to be FIRED but also payback all the parents that she drained for her bashes, she also needs to be charged with fraud and face her consequences marcella sills comes and goes as she pleases and drives a bmw and has fur coats i will be willing to bet none of the parents can even come close to affording the things that she has and to top it off she looks EVIL and is quite the manipulator and thinks nothing will happen to her well AMERICA its time to stand up and do something about such things marcella sills will have to face god when its her time and i wouldnt want to be her