Queens Principal Marcella Sills Has a History of Aggressive Incompetence

Marcella SillsPS 106 in Far Rockaway, Queens is making news today amid reports that in spite of a $2.9 million allocation, the school can’t be bothered to buy books for its students. Principal Marcella Sills, known for her BMW, fur coats and absenteeism, though, has been making news as far back as 2009 when it was alleged that she ignored the abuse and sexual assault of a 2nd grade girl.

“[The girl] was violently attacked, battered, struck, forcibly touched and raped by a violent and dangerous student,” [Attorney Adam] Thompson wrote in court papers.

“Instructors who were responsible for supervising the students did not try to intervene when this attack, forcible touching and rape was taking place.”


Sills refused to grant the girl a transfer to another school. Relatives persuaded the Education Department to reassign her, but she was denied transportation, so she had to remain at PS 106, legal documents say.

The abuse escalated the next year – as the little girl was attacked three times by gangs of girls and boys in the schoolyard.

This piece is from 2009, but the alleged abuse goes all the way back to 2005, while New York was busy banning, taxing and regulating everything for the good of its residents. Something to consider the next time a politician touts the virtue of big government.

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  2. Tyron Jackson

    Sills is another example of the African-American Sorority Sistas club of Incompetent Principals in NYC. Other Alumni are Sharon Smalls from Jane Addams High School and Joyce Kitrell from Samuel Gompers.

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