A Fistful of GoodBits – Frivolity Friday

Okay, that just sounds wrong. Oh well.

GoodbitGoodstuff informed me yesterday that Blackmailers Don’t Shoot received three GoodBits from Goodstuff’s Carbon Offset Marketplace and Exchange (G-COME) in return for past linkage. Here’s an interesting fact about this exciting new crypto-currency.

G-come does not need to use  Mexico’s Cueva de los Cristales (Cave of Crystals) to store the Goodbits activity. Just a small belly button crystal is being used to store all the Goodbit transactions.

I don’t know anything about alternative currencies, so I’m just going to assume that Blackmailers Don’t Shoot is at the bottom of some weird Ponzi scheme. With that in mind, a friend wants to know what the exchange rate is between one GoodBit and one sheet of LSD. We’re talking the good shit here, not the kind of stuff that some guy named Oatmeal made in the back of a van.

A Fistful of Links to Whet Yer Whistle

The Other McCain: Radical Despair – Fringe elements writing philosophical papers on Black Metal, among other things.

That Mr. G Guy’s Blog: Amanda Marcotte Condemns Religious Freedom Injunction For Nuns In Affordable(sic) Care Act – Why should nuns have to worry about birth control?

Lowering the Boom: An Error or a Lie? – The ongoing Bill de Blasio vs. Employment saga.

Regular Right Guy: A Governor in New Jersey Should Go to Jail – And it ain’t the fat guy.

Ace: Ta-Nehisi Coates: Melissa Harris Perry Is The Country’s Foremost Public Intellectual, And If You Disagree, You’re Racist – Insecure much?

A longer linkfest with Culture and Rule 5 will appear this weekend unless otherwise noted.

The Bleg

Buy This Magazine National LampoonBy the way, a generous reader reminded me earlier this week that Blackmailers Don’t Shoot has a tip jar. Ask yourself: Could you live with your own failure to act?





    Hey Blackmailers Don’t Shoot Dude – thanks very big for posting the review and link. I can’t live with the thought that I fail to act in your quest for riches and fame. Therefore, I am issuing you six more GoodBits! (52 – 57) of 1000 Should be a total of ten GoodBits in your account

    The current value of a GoodBit is equal to a quart of Heineken beer. Your local Candyman will trade your GoodBits for some extra sweet sugar cubes. With GoodBits one does not need to document the transfer of GoodBits. The serial numbers is all one needs