Thursday Cosplay Rule 5

Heather HezaChan

Heather HezaChan

Some shameless name dropping: I told Becca Lower and Donald Douglas on Twitter that Rule 5 posts keep me humble because they account for most of my traffic. Since my last Rule 5 post, the most popular link on this blog has been the video of Adrianne Palicki getting a lap dance from Emmanuelle Chriqui. True story. And that movie is from 2010.

I digress. Cosplay. The above picture is the lovely Heather HezaChan from Massachussetts. WGRD has Heather and more with The 10 Hottest Cosplay Girls in North America.

Geeksation has World of Warcraft Cosplay Girls. At least something good came out of that game.

Social News Daily has the Top Cosplay Girls to Follow on Twitter. My crystal ball predicts lots of restraining orders in the future.

For you weirdos who are into anime, io9 has Sailer Moon biker gang cosplay girls.

WhatCulture! has the 25 Sexiest Cosplay Hotties At Comic Con 2013.

Bonus: Awkward Interviews with Cosplay Girls at ComiKaze.

Update: Linked by Proof Positive in the Best of the Web Linkaround.

Update II: Welcome friends of the Wombat.

Update III: Belated – Linked at Regular Right Guy.


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