Common Core and Google’s Bottom Line

Michelle Malkin has a post today that makes a far more effective general argument against Common Core than many of the ones making their way around conservative media. Common Core might be a bloated, invasive, Politically Correct, top-down pile of garbage, but most people are content to ignore that sort of thing. What gets people’s attention is appealing to their wallets. Malkin writes,

By its own account, Apple dominates 94 percent of the education tablet market in the U.S. Microsoft is pushing its own Common Core-aligned Surface RT tablet and app suite, along with “Bing for Schools.” Rival Google wants in on the game on the taxpayers’ dime, too. The company’s “Chromebooks,” which use a cloud-based operating system mimicking the Google Chrome browser, are gaining market share rapidly. While they are cheaper than iPads, they depend on reliable WiFi. Google offers a suite of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) for “free.”

But is this really about improving students’ academic bottom line — or Google’s bottom line?

Forget the data mining. Most people don’t know data mining from data entry. It’s time to borrow some rhetoric from the Occupy creeps and point out that enriching tech companies with taxpayer dollars to pay for a shiny educational fad isn’t freaking fair. Average people who don’t pay a lot of attention to politics understand this.

Behind every state-sponsored progressive boondoggle, every tax increase and every stupid regulation, someone is making a buck. It can be a corporation, a think tank, a union, or a nonprofit, and sometimes it’s a combination of the above. Human nature doesn’t change just because a program is “for the children.”

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