34 Republican Congressmen Are Clearly Racists

RS McCain reports, but you have to come to Blackmailers Don’t Shoot to get the obvious interpretation.

A Republican congressman says it’s been nearly a month since he and 33 colleagues offered to meet with President Obama to discuss health care reform, and they still haven’t heard back from the White House.

“In the wake of Obamacare’s numerous failures, President Obama said that if Republicans had better health care reform ideas, they should say so,” Arkansas Rep. Tim Griffin said in a statement Wednesday. “That’s why 33 of my colleagues and I sent him a letter that included a list of nine proposals that would help build an open and innovative healthcare system, expand access, increase choice, and lower costs.”

Clearly if Tim Griffin thinks that he and his colleagues have better ideas than Barack Obama, it’s because he resents the first black president. To bring up Obamacare’s “failures” is obviously a dog whistle implying that a black man can’t succeed at anything.

I should have a gig on MSNBC.

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