Occupy Celebrates Crony Capitalist de Blasio

Today’s unintentionally hilarious sponsored post on Facebook.

Occupy de Blasio

First Bill de Blasio is involved in a job-killing scheme designed to pay off a wealthy donor, and now his pick for City Council Speaker turns out to be a tax cheat.

I believe the kids would call this a self-awareness fail.

Update: Linked at The Other McCain. Read more about Bill de Blasio’s ties to Wall Street and check out Wombat’s links for the day. Thanks fellas.

Update II: Linked at The Political Hat. Check out the News of the Week.



  1. Infidel de Manahatta

    If only we had something like a free press in America that could expose de Blasio. That would be nice. Unfortunately all the press are state-run media, out Pravda-ing Pravda and holding water for the Democratic Party.

    • Chandler's Ghost

      If that actually happened I’m afraid that the sight of all of those hippie heads exploding on national television might be too much for my gentle soul to bear.

      Or maybe not.

      Linkage reciprocated bee tee dubs.

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