Rule 5 Saturday with Adrianne Palicki

adrianne-palickiThere’s a lot going on offline around here, but Blackmailers Don’t Shoot would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t post at least one Rule 5 post a week. This post is sponsored by Adrianne Palicki, and the picture above can be found at Maxim. There’s also an interview if you’re curious.

Before Friday Night Lights and the new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki played a spree killer on Criminal Minds. There’s a still of her holding a baseball bat from that episode in this gallery at Blastr.

Adrianne Palicki is 5’11”. I learned that factoid from, where there’s a pretty nifty slideshow.

She was also in GI Joe. If I got out more often, I’d know that. Guyism fills in the details.

Another Adrianne Palicki gallery at Picomazing.

Bonus: Adrianne Palicki also played porn star Holly Rocket in the movie Elektra Luxx. has a gratuitous and somewhat NSFW video.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Update: Donald Douglas has another big ol’ Rule 5 roundup to ring in the New Year. Go give it a gander.

Update II: Linked by the King of the Internet.

Update III: Linked at The Pirate’s Cove. Welcome!



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