Happy Belated New Year Linkfest

sexy-steampunk-girlHappy 2014 all of you beautiful people! This was supposed to go up on New Year’s Eve, then New Year’s Day, and now…well, it’s going up now. There might be some changes coming at Blackmailers Don’t Shoot, and I’ll get into them later, but for now here’s your very unorthodox Thursday linkfest.


The Other McCain: ‘Pajama Boy’ as Rorshach Inkblot

Regular Right Guy: The 2013 Annual Lefty Awards

The Political Hat: Rage Against the Eschaton

Lowering the Boom: Dropping Sales of This Popular #NewYearsEve Beverage May Signal Flagging 2014 Fortunes for One Political Party

College Insurrection: Aleister’s Top 10 College Insurrection Posts of 2013

Misfit Politics: Lost in Translation: Emotions, Logic and why Conservatives should use BOTH

Edge of the Sandbox: The Forward Krupp

Leather Penguin: WABC Throws Down the Gauntlet in NYC Talk Radio War

Aewl’s Abode: Remember When

The Camp of the Saints: But We Must Not Lose Heart – Snatched from That Mr. G Guy’s Blog


Culture and Stuff

The Other McCain: ‘Descent Into Madness’

American Power: For 2014, Tweet Less, Read More – Dude, I’m trying!

Ace of Spades HQ: Cracked: Why Lists, the “Viral” Mentality, and Buzzfeed All Suck

Goodstuff’s Cyber World: History of Bitcoin (infograph) – Nifty!

Domestic Geek Girl: Top Blog Posts of 2013

Agent 54: New Year’s Party at the NSA

The Year of Halloween: Paranormal Activity: My Interview with Kitsie Duncan of Oddity Files

WhatCulture!: Jack Bauer vs Walter White: Who’s The Most Badass Character?

Girl with GunsRule 5

The Daley Gator: DaleyGator DaleyBabe Leah Francis

Proof Positive: Friday Night Babe – Avonte White!

American Power: Emily Ratajkowski: American Power’s Woman of the Year for 2013

EBL: Today is a day for college football…

Sad Man’s Tongue: German Pin Up Girl Rina Bambina Is One Hot Fraulein – Whoa!

Woodsterman: Happy New Year Woodsterman Style

PostalDog: [NSFW] This Is Why You Never Say Never

More previews of coming compulsions to arrive this week. Have a great Thursday everyone!

Update: Wombat ripped this post from the headlines.



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