Idiot Dupree Johnson Posts Criminal Activity to Instagram

Dupree Johnson InstagramSure, it’s a dog bites man story, but with Christmas wrapping up I’m not in the mood to write about politics. Criminals in movies and television are often portrayed as intelligent, tortured screwups, but most of the time the last part is the only one that has any basis in reality. Meet Dupree Johnson, the low-hanging fruit of the day.

In a page straight out of the dumb criminals book, 19 year-old Dupree Johnson was arrested in Florida on 142 felony counts, most of them stemming from the vast ring of thefts that he and his gang were responsible for. Mr. Johnson was so open about his work and his takings that he posted many of them on the popular photosharing website, Instagram. Clearly, he was trying to impress someone with these photos, but it appears as though he’s impressed all the wrong people.

You can see more of Johnson’s ill-gotten lucre at the link. There was a time not so long ago when people didn’t want the world knowing that they were committing crimes. Thank God for the narcissism inherent in social media.

Update: Sidebar link from American Power. Check out Donald Douglas’ excellent rant about GLAAD and the stupid Duck Dynasty controversy.



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