Rule 5 Friday, Inked Girls Edition

Photo by Igor Gerasimchuk

Photo by Igor Gerasimchuk

This was almost a Mary Carey post, but with Christmas coming up and traffic slowing down it seemed best to wait until 2014 to kick off her presidential campaign. Which is a good excuse to link a Sad Man’s Tongue post. The above is from Inked Girls Gallery 134 – The Igor Gerasimchuk Edition Vol 2, and includes the above model with musical accompaniment by Phillip Roebuck. Go give it a look and a listen.

As always, theChive delivers. If you like tattoos, click on over and check it out.

AcidCow has 40 cute tattoo girls. At first I thought the chick in the Tegan and Sara shirt was wearing a Black Flag shirt. Well played.

Regretful Morning has a slideshow from April coyly titled Tramp Stamp Tuesday. This edition features a model named Leanna Banana. Kinda awesome.

Finally, Bro My God has Hot Ladies with Tattoos. Enjoy!

Bonus: Mary Carey in a very patriotic bikini. Meet the next President.

Update: Linked up at The Daley Gator and Proof Positive. Thanks fellas.

Update II: Big ol’ Rule 5 link dump over at American Power. Go check it out.

Update III: The King of The Internet Throws Us Some Traffic.




    famous inked chick

    Olivia Black (Belladonna) was once a nude model, and then a “Pawn Star,”. Olivia Black was recently fired from The History channel’s reality series Pawn Stars only days after a topless photograph from the soft core pornographic website Suicidegirls was posted by the National Enquirer.


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