Pajama Boy and the Politics of Image

Right now we’re all getting a kick out of clueless dork Ethan Krupp, aka Pajama Boy.

While Barack Obama and Organizing for Action certainly deserve a healthy dose of mockery for using this cocoa sipping beta male as an advertising model, dwelling on it too long is probably a mistake.

The Pajama Boy tweet isn’t meant to persuade young people to sign on to the Obamacare exchanges and pester their families at Christmas. It’s meant to persuade young people that Obama is cool because he understands Twitter, and so, by extension, are Democrats. It’s about image. Cool doesn’t make a disastrous policy work, but it sure as hell gets votes.

Barack Obama was elected twice with a major assist from low-information voters with short attention spans. Remember, these are the same people who get their political information from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. If Pajama Boy fails as an image one day, Organizing for Action will have another image the next day, and Pajama Boy will go down the low-information memory hole.

It doesn’t matter that this is meaningless.

It doesn’t matter that this is an obviously phony assertion.

The GOP doesn’t seem to understand that politics is no longer about reality. It’s about bold assertions that fit on graphics containing 140 characters or less.

Update: Rush Limbaugh thinks that Pajama Boy is the new Julia. Those of us on the right who make fun of this stuff are not seeing what the intended audience is seeing.



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