Pretty Girls on a Friday, Beach Volleyball Edition

Beach volleyball

I’ll paraphrase Dennis Prager here. Before last year’s Summer Olympics, I had no idea that men’s beach volleyball existed. Let’s face it: had I known that it existed I wouldn’t have cared, and neither would anyone else. The ladies above are from AcidCow, which has 75 pictures of beach volleyball girls.

Not to be outdone, TCMag has 100 beach volleyball babes.

TheChive hits the nail on the head: There’s just something special about olympic beach volleyball.

KOMO News has a slideshow from the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Izismile has a…er… photo essay to explain why we love beach volleyball.

Bonus: What’s a better spectator sport? Beach volleyball or college volleyball?

Everyone have a great weekend!

Update: Proof Positive mentions this post in his Best of the Web Linkaround. Go check it out.

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Update IV: Commencing Wombatalanche.



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