This Fascinating Week, Haters Gonna Hate Edition

Brunette with a Sniper RifleSo, I heard something happened this week

So what do we know about Nelson Mandela? Regular Right Guy snarks,

First, he was an old guy.

Second, he was from, like, South Africa.

Third, he went to prison because apartheid was bad.

Fourth—and this should have been first—he was black.

He was also a Communist who radicalized the African National Congress and advocated the particularly nasty practice of ‘necklacing’ (look it up.) He made common cause with Fidel Castro and was no big fan of the United States. Naturally, the media, academia and the Left in general were beside themselves upon hearing news of his death last week.

In all fairness, when he was elected President of South Africa, the ensuing bloodbath didn’t happen, which is a rarity for any country in Africa. So, yes. A complicated legacy. Not the best person to use to make a cheap shot at Ronald Reagan.


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Happy Monday, ya nutjobs!



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