Alan Grayson Shows His Financial Acumen

This guy is in Congress. AP reports,

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida lost $18 million in a scheme that cheated him and about 120 other investors out of more than $35 million, according to court papers.


It is not the first time Grayson, who represents parts of the Orlando area, has lost tens of millions of dollars in a fraud scheme. In 2009, he won a $34 million judgment after filing a lawsuit in South Carolina under federal racketeering laws against a company called Derivium Capital. Derivium’s business plan for hedging an investor’s stock profile was nearly identical to the plan outline by Chapman.

Congratulations, Florida. If this jackass is so irresponsible with his own money, how much do you think he’s paying attention to yours?

Via Memeorandum


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