Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Hot Cosplay Edition

Street Fighter CosplayEvening everyone! We’re doing another cosplay edition at Blackmailers Don’t Shoot because cosplay inspires hotness and I’m lazy. The above image is from AcidCow’s Street Fighter Cosplay Girls post. Seriously, follow the link.

Catwoman CosplayFor those who prefer comic books, Cherryplucker has a gallery of Catwoman cosplay girls.

More hot cosplay links:

theChive: Bless the God of Geeks for Beautiful Cosplay Girls

Izismile: Time to See Some Hot Cosplay Girls

Listcovery: I Can Never Get Enough of Hot Cosplay Girls

Bonus: If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. Faded Industry has the 50+ Hottest Cosplays on the Internet

Update: Proof Positive links in the Best of the Web Linkaround.

Update II: Linked by Wombat-shocho at the Rule 5 Sunday roundup.



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