This Wacky Week, Fried Food Edition

A word of advice. Unless you’re from a part of the country (or world) where the practice is common, don’t fry food in lard. I made a batch of fried chicken this weekend and thought I’d prove how hardcore I am (note: I’m not hardcore) and my stomach is finally recovering. Live and learn, friends. Live and learn.

Ada Wong Cosplay


The Other McCain: Slaves of the Progressive Cause

American Power: Erin Gloria Ryan, Jezebel News Editor, Wishes Death on Scott Walker After ‘Faster and Furious’ Actor Dies

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The Political Hat: The “Privilege” of Being Discriminated Against – this one’s a must-read.

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Girl with Rifle and Thong

Rule 5

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Sad Man’s Tongue: Pin Up Girl Pearl Blanched by Benjamin Krenzke Peoplephotography

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90 Miles from Tyranny: Morning Mistress

Short post this week folks. Having dinner with the future in-laws. Have a great night!