Thanksgiving Rule 5 and Massive Linkfest

Delisha Fox

Rule 5 courtesy of Sad Man’s Tongue.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! God bless us every one. I know, wrong holiday.

American Power: Black Friday Bust and Thanksgiving Roundup. I’m linked in the second post. Thanks Dude!

The Other McCain: Happy #FreeKate Thanksgiving. So far a surprisingly troll-free thread.

Regular Right Guy: NYT Breaking: Boobies. RG is kind of a tease with this one.

Lowering the Boom: I Knew It Reminded Me of Something… Jim Messina and food really don’t mix.

The Political Hat: Happy Thanksgiving for 2013! With some Turkey TV.

The Daley Gator: Happy Thanksgiving From The Daley Gator News Blog!

Aewl’s Abode: Rob Ford: Alcoholic? Drug Addict?

Leather Penguin: Democrat Party Needs to Pay for O-Care Disaster.

Goodstuff’s Cyber World: Black Friday’s Convergence with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

UrbanGrounds: Obama Announces More Obamacare Bad News, Ezra Klein Most Affected.

Agent 54: An Agent 54 Thanksgiving.

Proof Positive: Medal of Honor.

The Camp of the Saints: Thanksgiving 2013 A.D.

Domestic Geek Girl: Thanksgiving 2013 – Counting My Blessings.

The Necropolitan Sentinel: Under the Fedora: Giving Thanks.

Thanks to everyone who has helped this blog over the months. The above is only a small sample. Hug your families and eat some turkey.

Update: Linked at The Daley Gator. Now that’s a linkfest.

Update II: Linked at The Political Hat.

Update III: Wombatalanche!

Update IV: Douglaslanche!



    thanks Dude for the linky stuff

    big pot of turkey gumbo boiling – so good and so good for you

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