California High Speed Rail Screeches to a Halt

Choo choo! Take note John Roberts: sometimes judges actually do try to save the voters from they’re own stupidity. On Monday California Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny stopped the sale of bonds used to fund the Edmund G Brown Memorial Railroad.

“The ruling marks yet another self-inflicted setback for the California High-Speed Rail Authority and a small victory for California taxpayers,” [Representative Kevin] McCarthy told “The CHSRA has failed at every turn to detail a realistic plan that will fund this program. With no private funds, unreliable ridership numbers and the reliance on taxpayers to eventually bail the project out – it should not move forward.”

California voters approved the sale of $10 billion in bonds to pay for the project in 2008, and the state received $3.2 billion in federal funding. Originally estimated to cost $45 billion, the current cost estimate for the project is $68 billion.

So far the California High Speed Rail Authority hasn’t laid a foot of track.




  1. edge of the sandbox

    There is no reason to build any kind of alternative transportation between SF and LA. We go down South a few times a year, and I can attest that there is rarely any traffic outside the metro areas themselves.
    California allows popular vote on expensive projects when very few pay state taxes, which is tantamount to fiscal suicide. “The people” vote for the most frivolous ideas. Kudos to Judge Kenny.

    • Chandler's Ghost

      I’ve traveled between L.A. and the Bay Area a number of times, and like you I have found that flight or the freeways work fine. The madness might not end here, but Judge Kenny did a good job.

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