Oliver Stone Is Still a Lunatic

Everyone knows that JFK was eaten by a tiger.

Yet the mainstream media in recent weeks tell us more strongly than ever that Oswald, with his twisted motives, did it alone with his Mannlicher-Carcano Word War II rifle. What kind of history are they talking about? Not the one that is perhaps too dark for them to deal with and unsettling to their smug belief in some form of American exceptionalism, by which our politics are unflawed by such corruption. Is this why the media, with very few exceptions, have not allowed any serious presentation of the evidence against their official story from qualified pathologists, scientists, photographic and ballistics experts, and doctors who disagree?

Let’s face it. Scarface was a lame version of The Godfather. Wall Street was a dull movie with a great villain. Natural Born Killers was awful. Awful. Even the reliably liberal L.A. Weekly panned South of the Border.

And everyone who isn’t a paranoid lunatic knows that Kennedy was eaten by a tiger.



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