Why Your College Degree Is Worthless

Average LiberalGuys like this are English professors.

“Protect individuals with pre-existing conditions against discrimination”

–Attention, you graft-taking motherfucker: that’s Obamacare.

–Any ‘market-based’ solution to the problem of people not getting the healthcare they need is rooted in the fantasy that “the market” will respond to competition with lower prices and better services. How’s that worked for you for the last 15 decades?  Tell that to my brother (broken neck, broken back, Scarlet Fever), whose conditions have made it impossible for him to get healthcare AT ALL until now.

–Your pals in the insurance industry have lots of competition, but they’re happy with their profit margins, so they’re NOT GOING TO LOWER their prices.

–Holy shit, you Republicans are evil.

–Oh yeah, Fuck you.

It’s kind of funny how insurance companies are now our pals. Before the whole system took a much predicted dump, insurance companies were the ones benefiting the most from ObamaCare.

Thanks to RS McCain for the inspiration.



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