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Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting My Tongue

The author of Edge of the Sandbox is a San Francisco Bay Area conservative from Soviet Bloc Czechoslovakia. As a Los Angeles conservative who has spent some time in the Bay Area, even I can’t imagine how weird that must be. Her latest post is about a residential smoking ban making its way through the city council in Berkeley, which looks like another typical move into statist nonsense.

The City of Berkeley can’t be bothered with petty issues like traffic, because those involve cars, and cars are not “the people”, and neither are the drivers.  Bicycles, on the other hand, those are “the people”.  But that, dear readers, is a totally different subject.

The City of Berkeley is preoccupied with significant issues, like whether or not to permit smoking in single family homes — because freedom is something that government allots to individuals.  For instance, it’s been agreed that multi-unit residencies public spaces should prohibit smoking.  But what does the City Council think about family homes?

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