Hope Springs Eternal for Obama’s True Believers

I’m starting to think that health insurance is the new afterlife for Obama cultists. The creeps at Talking Points Memo dusted off one of their readers who professes his utter gratitude to the Unicorn Prince for causing his insurance to be cancelled.

[W]hile my healthcare.gov application has been stuck for a month now at the “View Eligibility Results” stage, where instead of my results I see a blank screen when I click the button, I know I will get better health insurance than the bare-bones individual policy I have now, even if I end up having to pick up the phone, or heaven forbid, send in paper. I will pay significantly more, but after years of being one serious illness from financial ruin, I will finally have security. And not only that; every time I pay my new premium, I am paying into a system that makes it possible for my fellow Americans who have not been as lucky as me—people who really have been losers pre-ACA—to finally get affordable health care.

Note that the person writing the letter still doesn’t have health insurance; his or her application is still stuck at the disastrous ObamaCare website, and who knows where his or her personal information is now or what kind of HHS lackey is looking at it right now. It’s just an article of faith that the new insurance policy is actually on its way and will be better than the last one.

Also, while the writer acknowledges that the premium will be higher, we don’t know how high that will be. Will “BW” still be grateful for ObamaCare if the premiums are unaffordable? This letter is a new thing we’ve seen since the glorious ascension of Obama. I call it positivity trolling.

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