Who Knew That People with Graduate Degrees Were Such Racists?

President Obama’s approval rating is falling among people with graduate degrees, to the point that it’s now at 47 percent. Is it possible that even these people are just too stupid to understand the man’s genius? Purple Avenger at Ace of Spades HQ writes,

The general long term trend has been a slow erosion in this demographic as well . He started over 70% with them peaking at 73% a couple of weeks after taking office (original “stimulus” signing time-frame).

Its looking like the usually reliable college professor and high end professionals demographic finally cracked under the weight of Obamacare realities.

Read the whole thing, because the author also dives into what might happen if noted Native American Elizabeth Warren decides to throw in for president. That would be all kinds of awesome.

Digression aside, Obama went from California levels of Messiah worship among the combover brigade to being underwater in the polls with the same crowd. He’s also slipping among the so-called millennial generation, the very people who are being indoctrinated by the graduate degree crowd. If he slips with welfare recipients and government workers, the Democrats are well and truly hosed. Folks, the problems aren’t all on our side.



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