Political Correctness Will Eat Itself

Eventually there comes a point where too many victim groups are clamoring for their slice of the victimhood pie. In these moments we see the absurdity of Political Correctness in all of its hilarity.

A private college in Colorado Springs has attracted controversy for an unexpected option in the gender section on their application forms – and one that some have found offensive.

Alongside the ‘not disclosed’, ‘male’, ‘female’ and ‘transgender’ choices there is a fifth answer to the voluntary question – ‘queer.’

John Kichi, 66, a gay man from Pennsylvania, said he found the listing at Colorado College highly offensive and filed a complaint with the state attorney general’s office about the question.

What does the university do at this point? Queer is now an enlightened term used by our intellectual superiors to denote…well, apparently someone who isn’t male, female or transgendered, judging by the context of the question. The problem is, who is going to tell John Kichi, the noble gay man who lives on the other side of the country, that he’s actually a regressive troglodyte for not knowing this? After all, judging from what Kichi told the Denver Post, he is clearly a fine upstanding man of the Left: “If them including [queer] on applications isn’t against the law, it should be.”

Another proud moment in Cultural Marxism.




  1. thatmrgguy

    Around these parts, queer has two different connotations. Of course, one meaning is equal to calling someone a faggot or homo. The other definition just means someone is just different or eccentric.

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