Paul Waldman Is a Sniveling Obama Butt Sniffer

Yesterday Lori Gottlieb wrote an op-ed for the New York Times complaining that she, like so many other middle class Americans, lost her insurance policy under ObamaCare and was offered a much more expensive policy in its place. At this point, dog bites man, right? Well, some tool named Paul Waldman at The American Prospect  couldn’t stand to see his beloved Chicago Jesus’ crowning achievement so besmirched, so he rode in to the rescue with an idiotic screed.

Waldman writes,

Did she go to the California health exchange and find out what sorts of deals would be available to her? Apparently not. She took Anthem at their word—you can always trust insurance companies, after all!—then took to Facebook, where she “vented about the call and wrote that the president should be protecting the middle class, not making our lives substantially harder.”

First of all, you dumb schlong, she shouldn’t have had to deal with the exchange in the first place. Remember “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan?” Turns out, not so much. After all, before this whole debacle Gottlieb had insurance. Second, “protecting the middle class” is something that the president talks about all the time. Now it’s starting to look like he has no problem screwing them over by ramming through a bad law that he probably didn’t even understand.

In sneering at what Gottlieb calls the “smug insureds,” i.e. people who have insurance and support ObamaCare, Waldman flatulates,

How terribly smug, to think that the fate of millions of poor people who will now get insurance is as important as the suffering of this one person who might have to pay more for comprehensive coverage, and also happens to have access to TheNew York Times where she can air her grievances!

Since the website took a shit it doesn’t look like too many of those teeming millions Waldman cares so much about actually are getting insurance. But even leaving that aside, Waldman is offering up a hypothetical to rebut reality. Those millions of poor people still don’t have insurance. Obama just promised that they would, and that promise is worth the price of used toilet paper. And by the way, Lori Gottlieb and millions of other people are now without insurance that they had a little over a month ago because ObamaCare basically made their plans illegal. So at least we’re spreading the misery around a little, I guess.

[I]f she wants to feel better, the first thing she ought to do is go to the exchange and she what her options are. There’s almost certainly something better than the plan her insurance company is trying to get her to buy.

“There’s almost certainly something better.” That’s comforting. It’s almost like Waldman knows he’s full of crap so he uses weasel words just in case he’s proven to be the idiot that he is.

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