The Ongoing Kerfuffle, 11-08-2013


New York Daily News: Pinkberry Co-Founder Found Guilty of Beating Homeless Man with Tire Iron

A Los Angeles jury found 49-year-old froyo entrepreneur Young Lee guilty of attacking Daniel Bolding with a tire iron after the panhandler exposed a tattoo of two stick figures having sex.

Reuters: Italy Arrests Somali Gang Leader for Kidnap, Rape of Migrants

AP: Calif. High School Asked to Abandon Arab Mascot

Washington Examiner: House Oversight Committee Subpoenas EPA over ‘Richard Windsor’ Docs

NBC News: Florida Panel Rejects Bill to Repeal ‘Stand Your Ground’


Houston Chronicle: Corey Feldman Says He Should Be on Hollywood’s A-List

“All I ask is that people give me a chance to do what I feel I should be doing, which is to be in, like, A-list films.

“I shouldn’t be doing independent films after all these years. I like doing them for the art, but not all the time.”

Orlando Sentinel: Alanis Morissette ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Musical Eyes Broadway Run

Destructoid: Everything You Need to Know about the PlayStation 4

Fox News: Tom Cruise: My Work As an Actor Is As Hard As Fighting in Afghanistan

Curbed: Here’s The Scene Post-Fire At Eminem’s Childhood Home


Robert Stacy McCain: Police: Texas High School Girl Pimped Out Her Friends as Young as 14

Ace of Spades HQ: Sebelius’ Huge New Announcement Is Something Something Mental Health Parity or Something

Mark Steyn: The Drift toward Despotism

Jeff Goldstein: Obama Is Sorry Americans Aren’t Smart Enough to Grasp What He Really Meant

Hugh Hewitt: The Education Earthquake In The Rocky Mountain State

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