The Ongoing Kerfuffle, 11-07-2013


CNBC: Why California’s High-Speed Rail is off Track

“What we’re talking about here is a real game-changer,” he said. “It’s going to be very expensive to build this system, but we have to make the investments and then not see the benefits for a decade or a generation or longer, but then it will pay back for centuries.”

CNN: GOP Focuses on Overall Obamacare Troubles, Not Just Website

NBC News: Supreme Court Tests Limits of Prayer at Official Government Meetings

ABC News: Marathon Suspect’s Lawyers Seek Family’s Testimony

AP: Drive-by Shooting Kills 2 Golden Dawn Members outside Athens Office of Nazi-Inspired Party


Rolling Stone: Laurie Anderson’s Farewell to Lou Reed

We made up ridiculous jokes; stopped smoking 20 times; fought; learned to hold our breath underwater; went to Africa; sang opera in elevators; made friends with unlikely people; followed each other on tour when we could; got a sweet piano-playing dog; shared a house that was separate from our own places; protected and loved each other.

Rap-Up: Rihanna Flaunts Bikini Body in Barbados

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Pop Culture Meets Surrealism: Andy Warhol’s Works to Be on Display at the Dali Museum in Fla.

Playbill: FX Picks up American Horror Story for Fourth Season; Jessica Lange Will Return

NewsMax: Vivien Leigh: Scarlett O’Hara, Blanche DuBois Would’ve Been 100


iOwnTheWorld: Yes Gish, You’re A Failure

Victor Davis Hanson: Needed: A Different Sort of President

Ace of Spades HQ: Chief IT Officer Fired By Obama Might Have Been Terminated For Refusing to Sign False Certification of’s Security

The Rio Norte Line: Why Obamacare Is a Fantastic Success

Ben Shapiro: NYT: No Religious Exemption for LGBT Employment Bill

Blonde in Bikini