The Ongoing Kerfuffle, 11-6-13


Tacoma News Tribune: Biden Congratulates Wrong Guy in Boston Mayor Race

Fox News: Kerry: US Considers Israeli Settlements To Be “Illegitimate”

L.A. Times: Man Returns to U.S. from Cuba to Face Charges in 1984 Air Hijacking

MSN: Detroit Voters Elect First White Mayor in Four Decades

Forbes: The 5 Best Reasons For Buying The Xbox One Instead Of A PS4


Robert Stacy McCain: Lucrative Campus Perversion: Sex Freak Gets Paid to Fist-F**k Student Minds

Michelle Malkin: The White House Fable Factory

Twitchy: ‘Obamacare by morning’: Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood hilariously mock during CMAs

JWF: It’s Come to This: ObamaCare Restrictions Lead Brooklyn Couple To Consider Divorce

Donald Douglas: Senate Democrats Press Obama on #ACA Monstrosity

Hot Girl with Machine Gun