The Ongoing Kerfuffle, 11-4-2013


L.A. Times: Authorities investigating death of man burned in WeHo on Halloween

Someone can be heard saying, “He’s on fire!” as people move in to help the man, whose pants appeared to have caught fire.

When the flames are out, several people can be heard heckling the man, asking what he was doing, as he lies shirtless on the ground. The crowd begins to shout and dance again around the man, who remains motionless.

Breitbart: NJ College Students Lose Low Cost Coverage Thanks To ObamaCare Regs

WaPo: How Florida Democrats learned to love Charlie Crist

ABC News: Why We’re Still Obsessed With the Kennedys

Reason: Russian Nationalists Rally Against Immigrants


The Other McCain: ‘Silence of the Conservative Lambs’

Ace of Spades HQ: David Gregory: Isn’t It True That You, Mitt Romney, Are Really Responsible for Obamacare’s Failure?

Glenn Reynolds: Obama Got Carried Away with Health Care Reform

The Lonely Conservative: Get Your Obamacare Enrollment Packet Yet?

Da Tech Guy: Breaking News from 1950 White Dem Candidate Refuses to shake Black Republican’s Opponents’ Hand



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