@HealthCareGov Is Unsafe at Any Speed

In October, Consumer Reports sent a warning to its readers to “[s]tay away from Healthcare.gov” “for at least another month if you can.” Now there’s news that signing up on the ObamaCare website might result in your personal information being sent to a completely random person.

About a month ago, attorney Tom Dougall logged on to healthcare.gov to browse for cheaper insurance for him and his wife.

On Friday, the last thing he expected to hear on his voicemail was a man from North Carolina who says he can access all of Tom’s personal information.

Well, I suppose that there will be unfortunate errors in any system, and luckily if the website is too dangerous to use you could always enroll via telephone instead.

Calling up 1-800-FUCKYO does not help the person seeking insurance — those on the other end of the phone line still have to complete the application via the website, which doesn’t work. All that calling people does, according to memos written by people inside the Administration, is “buy time” by giving people the sense — the false sense — that things are moving forward.

So Obama’s claim that this was an easy-peasy way around Heathcare.gov was, get this, a gigantic lie.

I’m beginning to change my mind on how the GOP should handle this whole mess. Perhaps they really should just shut up and let all of this magic just happen.



  1. mahamison

    “Calling up 1-800-FUCKYO”

    Is that really the phone no. you must call in order to connect to Obamacare? That is hilarious, you know. ROLFMAO…