Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Halloween Hotties Edition

Sexy Reindeer

Good for Halloween and Christmas

This just had to happen, and besides, everyone else has already done it this week. Have a safe semi-holiday everyone. I’m staying home and avoiding the crazies.

If you don’t know that some of these are going to be slightly NSFW, you probably shouldn’t be on the Internet.

The young lady above as well as the title for this post are from Crave Online, which has a bunch of good stuff.

Here’s a big thumbnail gallery at

Here’s a huge gallery from theChive, who are always good for this sort of thing.

Another one from AcidCow, who are also good for this sort of thing.

Something from eBaum’s World. That’s three posts in a row from sites that mess up capitalization.

Bonus: Asian girls in costumes. Hey, why not?

Everyone have a great Friday tomorrow.

Update: Linked at Proof Positive. Cool.

Update II: Linked at American Power. Look around, Rule 5 enthusiasts. There’s a lot more where this came from.

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