Obama’s Personal Approval Rating Now Pear-Shaped

I was going to write that his approval rating is now shaped like Michelle, but that would be rude. Via Hot Air:

[F]or the first time in the survey, even Obama’s personal ratings are upside-down, with 41 percent viewing him a favorable light and 45 percent viewing him negatively.

This is in distinction from his job approval ratings, which have mostly been in the toilet for some time. Perhaps because of media fawning, the constant campaigning or the fact that his opposition in Washington has been so flat-footed, people actually like the guy. I don’t get it either. Allah asks,

Key question: Are they upside-down because people are exasperated over the shutdown or because it’s starting to dawn on them that ObamaCare might be worse than they thought?

Maybe neither. The ObamaCare website is busted, people are losing their insurance and Kathleen Sebelius still has her job. People can accept that things aren’t always going to run smoothly, but handing people a pile of dog shit and telling them it’s fudge will eventually backfire, no matter how good you are at selling shit.

Hubris, meet nemesis.