NYT: Not Enough Bros Signing up for #ObamaCare

You can get them to put down the bong and turn off the Bob Marley to do something hip like voting for a rock star president, but getting them to focus their attention long enough to navigate a crappy website is way too much to ask. Via Memeorandum, the New York Times reports that ObamaCare is having trouble luring “young invincibles” to the exchanges.

Even with the public campaigns, only about one in four 19- to 29-year-olds is even aware of the exchanges where they might buy affordable insurance, and the ignorance is especially acute among the uninsured, according to a survey this year by the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit research group.

Live by the low information voter, die by the low information voter. The ones that actually know about the exchanges don’t have the patience to deal with the website, and the other seventy-five percent are in such a Cheeto and Pabst induced fog that they can’t turn off the Gilligan’s Island reruns long enough to figure out that President Bro’s free shit machine is up and running.

It will be a hilarity to behold when these people start getting letters from the IRS.

Update: So this happened.

Retweeted by Instapundit. Thanks to Donald Douglas at American Power for making that happen. Blackmailers Don’t Shoot has yet to be smacked in the face with an Instalanche, but after the Twitter fallout we definitely appreciate the power of the Pundit.

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