This Stupid Week, Dia de los Muertos Edition

dia-de-los-muertosSome Pre-Halloween Stuff to Get Us All in a Festive Mood

Goodstuff’s Cyber World has Halloween Chicks as well as a long entry devoted to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and other sundry things.

Eva from The Year of Halloween gives us Mike Flanagan’s Oculus, her nominee for the creepiest short horror film of the year. She also has some peanut butter and chocolate creations if you’re hungry.

Is ObamaCare Going under the Bus?

Democrats are openly discussing a delay of the Individual Mandate as though the shutdown never happened. Meanwhile, people are losing their health insurance faster than they are enrolling. One thing is for certain, though: it’s not Barack Obama’s fault.

If ObamaCare goes under the Left’s bus, Joan Walsh is going to have some company. Remember, policies go under the bus. People go under the bus. Even such a Christlike figure as Barack Obama may eventually go under the bus. Liberalism never goes under the bus. Know your role. It’s ideology first, then policy, then people.


Some Rule 5 Links

Rule 5 News and Saturday with Amber Capisi at The Camp of the Saints.

#Rule5 Sunday Roundup at American Power.

The Daley Gator’s DaleyBabes.

Katharine McPhee and the Government Shutdown from Classic Liberal.

Friday Night Babe at Proof Positive.

Some Political Links

A tailgate party to raise money for Lindsey Graham’s challengers, courtesy of That Mr G Guy’s Blog.

How Marx is Conquering America, via The Political Hat.

That poor model who became the accidental face of the ObamaCare exchanges, courtesy of Evil Blogger Lady.

From Misfit Politics, the Left’s double standard on bullying.

From IBD via Doug Ross, Al Gore now claiming that Global Warming is caused by forest fires. Dude, I thought it was the other way around.

Have a great week everyone.