Pretty Girls on a Thurday, Rock Around the Clock Edition

smt-inked-girlHappy Thursday my luhrvlies! I grabbed the image above from Sad Man’s Tongue, because they always have something good and they told me that flattery was the quickest way to get in their pants. This is from Inked Girls Gallery 121 and features musical accompaniment by the Black Cat Boppers.

Heavy has the 20 Hottest Rocker Chicks. The first one alone is worth a visit.

Ultimate Guitar has the 10 Sexiest Rock Chicks. The winner of the competition is pretty awesome.

Shitty L.A. rock station KROQ has a list of their own.

Finally, 125 punk girls from AcidCow. Some of them are kinda cute.

Bonus: Cooking with model Ana Perduv, once again from Sad Man’s Tongue.

Update: Linked at Proof Positive. Check out the roundup.

Update II: Linked by Wombat-socho at The Other McCain. Sundays rule.

Update III: Linked at Regular Right Guy. Sorry I missed this one.